Genesis are honoured to continue our work with photographer David Yarrow, producing Bespoke Frames and Fabric-wrapped Mats for his exhibition, Storytelling, at Maddox Gallery.


Storytelling reveals the fascinating narratives behind his latest body of work, which includes three images that are making their debut at Maddox Berkeley Street.


Yarrow’s three new works, inspired by English classics like Oliver Twist and Peaky Blinders, pay tribute to London’s past and the Roaring Twenties, featuring iconic figures like Cara Delevingne and David Gandy. His photography transports viewers with dramatic depictions, from portraying Erling Haaland as a Viking warrior to capturing the intensity of Wall Street.


Yarrow’s photography extends beyond London, venturing into South Africa’s marshlands alongside Kevin Richardson, capturing the majesty of adult male lions. He also shares his luck in capturing the mustangs of Mustang Monument Ranch in Nevada, resulting in a chaotic yet captivating shot of wild horses. Whether in historical dockyards or the wilderness of Antarctica, Yarrow’s storytelling through his art is a gift that truly shines in person.