What is Glass Face Mounting?

Glass Face Mounting is the process of mounting a photographic print between a sheet of toughened glass and an aluminium or Dibond backing sheet.

Prints are bonded using optically clear silicone adhesive, creating an airtight bond with no air bubbles. The glass that we use is durable and highly resilient against scratching.

We can produce glass face mounts in any size up to a maximum of 72 x 48 inches (1 828 x 1219mm).

Each completed piece is supplied with an Aluminium sub-frame – making it easy to hang and providing additional rigidity and support against warping.

Why Should I choose Glass Face Mounting?

Glass face mounting offers an unparalleled crisp, clear and contemporary finish and is a popular high-quality alternative to our Perspex face mounting. Because the print is sandwiched between the glass and the back using a permanently elastic 100% clear silicone glue, glass face mounting provides the additional benefit of no light reflections between the photographs and the glazing of an ordinary frame.

The aluminium subframe on the back of each glass face mount provides a visible space between the mounted work and the wall – lending another presence to your photographs or artwork.

We aim to turnaround orders for our finishing services within 8 – 10 days. Large orders are often subject to slightly longer turnaround times, please speak to us to confirm turnaround times prior to placing your order.

Both perspex and glass face mounting services provide exceptional finishing for photographs or artwork and use much the same process – the only real difference is the substrate chosen as the top layer of the finished piece. Glass is less prone to scratching than Perspex although Perspex is a much more lightweight substrate and is available in a greater choice of sizes.

We’ve prepared these handy guides to help with the preservation and display of your artwork once it’s framed using our team’s specialist knowledge. Whether your finished work is framed or mounted, going into residential or commercial properties, this information should help keep it safe, secure and perfectly displayed. View Our Hanging Guides